Brock Flagstad

Chicago, Illinois Entrepreneur

It is so hard to do work that you don’t enjoy doing... You’ve got to put yourself in a position to be able to do something you love and avoid doing things that you don’t really enjoy. Some of that can mean keeping some work for yourself to do and some work you delegate or outsource to others. Do something you love and follow your passion!
Brock Flagstad

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Brock Flagstad

Brock Flagstad is the majority partner of a company focusing on helping small business owners. He is currently located in Chicago, Illinois. Brock is an alumnus of Miami University where he earned his B.S. degree majoring in finance and minoring in international marketing.

Brock is a top-performing professional with proven presentation, negotiation, and closing abilities. At the businesses he was work for, he has delivered consistent contributions to grow revenue, increase company productivity and efficiency, sales training/development, and customer relationship management skills. He is most proficient and experienced in digital marketing/lead generation with a focus on customer acquisition and growing a business from that. He is analytical and organized, with excellent trouble-shooting abilities; capacity to view the “whole picture” utilizing strategic planning and project management skills.

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